The following Terms and Conditions (t&c) have been set by Dips Foods Ltd (we). When placing an order with Dips Foods Ltd, we assume that you (the client) have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions. You can place orders in person, over the telephone, via post, via emails or even via our website. Liability for misunderstandings on instructions placed verbally is not accepted at all.


Coronavirus (COVID - 19) & Order Postponement Notice.

Please click here (Please note that any catering orders which have been paid partially or in full also apply to this)




All quotations issued are only valid for 14 days and are subject to availability.


All quotations are made on the assumption that the serving of the food it buffet style and that the food is served all in one go. If the serving of the food is different then you must state that so we can quote you accordingly.



Order Confirmation & Payment

To Confirm an order we will require a non-refundable deposit. Such deposit assumes the understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions. The amount of deposit will depend on the size of your order. We may also keep a holding deposit.


When placing an order verbally/written we assume that you accept our t&c.


Before paying a deposit to confirm your booking, please make sure that you have been given the correct quote for your event. For us (Dips Foods Ltd) to give you the correct quote we need to know the following before we can give you the quote:


  • 1. Date of Event

    2. Venue Name(s) and Address(s)

    3. Number of guest to cater for

    4. Serving Style (Buffet / Sit-down / Floating Canapes / Stalls)

  • 5. Cutlery & Crockery Requirements

    6. Full Menu(s) Details

    7. Your full itinerary(s)


Once we have received the above information, we will give you a full quote per person based on your requirements. You are allowed to change your menu items for similar items without effecting the cost per person. Once you have placed an order with us, we do not need your final confirmed menu, itinerary and final number of guest to cater for until 14 days prior to your first event booked with us. We will require full payment for all orders 14 days prior the first event with us. The funds should be cleared funds in our account. Failure to make payment on time may result in your order being cancelled and we may retain the deposit and we may also charge you the full cost of the event. Charges will also occur in the event of dishonored payments and banking charges with a minimum of £30+Vat. If you do cancel the order within 14 days of the event taking place, you may be charged the full amount as a result of lost of income for us. This would need to be paid within 7 days of being invoiced.


Please note that the quote given will be based on the catering numbers given to us (Number of people to cater for). This will be the minimum number of people the quote will be based on. If the numbers drop the quote price will change. You agree to this.


If you place an order that is within two weeks of the event date then we need the full payment to confirm the order.


We will refund the initial non-refundable / holding deposit back to the client once all the events are finished as long as:


1. All utensils or equipment lent too/hired by the client has been properly washed, cleaned and returned within 24 hours of delivery.

2. If you have had onsite catering, we will refund the deposit only if there has been no issues. Example of issues can be but not limited to are:

     > Damage of our propery by the client or their guest

     > Incorrect catering numbers supplied and Dips Foods has to cater for extra guest

     > Utensils not washed properly

     > Utensils not returned within 24 hours of delivery


We work strictly on a first come first serve basis. This means that the first person who pays a deposit will have their event date 100% confirmed. As you know we are always busy all year round. We have loads of enquiries for the same day, so the earlier you pay the deposit, the better it is for you as we would hate to say that we are fully booked and that we won't be able to take your order on.


You may be required to sign a booking contract. If a contract is not required then all emails, meetings. letters and phone conversations are counted as our contract.


On the Invoice Copy we supply you, please note we will not write all the event dates on it. We tend to only write down the last event date on it. But please note that the depoisit paid will cover you for all the events booked with us.


Please note that Dips Foods Ltd only supply kitchen cooks, food and cutlery and crockery. All other services that are booked with our suggested companies/suppliers, you must pay them direct as they are supplying you that service and not us. We may also sometimes make the booking with these suppliers on your behalf but once again you will need to pay them direct and not Dips Foods Ltd.


We may sometimes allow the client to pay 1 week after the event due to the verbal or written understanding between both Dips Foods and the Client. Failure to make payment duing this deadline will result in 5% interest charge per week for any outstanding balance. Failure to pay this amount 1 months after the invoice date/event date will result in bailiffs to recover the outstanding balance, any interest charge, bailiffs and any other charges that we (dips foods) may incure, will be passed to the client and they agree to pay this balance.




Cancellation of any orders must be provided in writing. In the event of a cancellation, any payment made shall be retained by us. We may invoice you the full amount for the order placed. This addition charge will be based on you estimated catering numbers supplied at the time of booking.


Dips Foods reserve the right to cancel any order and will return the deposit (We will give notice before we cancel an order).


If the client breaks any of our terms and conditions at any time we reserve the right to cancel the order and retain any payment made to us. In addition there maybe additional charges for breach of contract. You maybe charged the full outstanding balance which you would need to pay within 7 days.


Just a reminder that a cooling off period does not apply when it comes to catering / catering services. Therefore Dips Foods Ltd reserve the right not to refund any payments made to us if the client cancelled the order. We also reserve the right not to postpone the event date for a later booking date. This is because the deposit paid by the client was to secure the date(s) originally booked.



Delivery & Storage

All catering order below 100 guests will incur a delivery charge of a minimum charge of £25 if you require this service and is subject to availability. All orders above 100 guests are entitled to free local delivery and is subject to availability.


It is the client’s responsibility for insuring that parking is available for all of our vehicles near the entrance of the venue and is paid for in full by the client if free parking is not available to Dips Foods Ltd. If there is no parking for our vehicles and we incur any parking fines or if we get clamped, the client is responsible for any such charges arising. Clients are responsible for congestion and parking charges. If Dips Foods has received a fine or any sort of charges, we will inform the client within 90 days and will send a bill to the client for the amount. The client agrees to pay the full amount within 7 days or sooner if required by us or to avoid extra charges.



When food has been delivered please ensure that the food is stored away from direct sunlight or heat sources and is not stored on the floor. If certain items are to be kept cold or frozen then you must insure you do so. Dips Foods Ltd is not responsible once the food has been delivered and it is now the clients responsibility.




Any changes to the final menus, services or final catering numbers must be made 14 days prior to the first event. Any changes to the menu or services within 14 days to the event may not be accepted.


Sometimes we may try and help the client out and make the changes to the order within the 14 days prior to the event. If by any chance on the day of the event we forget to make the changes, we will not be held responsible as long as we have supplied the client with the original order.


If your numbers increase within the last 14 days, we may be able to cater for your needs and if so you agree to pay for the additional costs. The numbers cannot drop within the last 14 days at any point.


We reserve the right to substitute items on the menu that become unavailable in the open market or that exceed reasonable market costs. We will notify you (client or family member/friend who also helped place the booking) for approval if time allows. If there is no time then we will have to substitute the item for something else.


For example if you did not inform us that you was going to have a sit down meal until 14 days before when came to finalise the order, we will change our quote according to the new information. If you do decide not to pay for the extra charges then we reserve the right to limit our services for the difference in sums between the original cost and new cost. We also reserve the right to cancel the order and you may be charged for lost of income. This will be based on your order placed.


Loss & Damage

The client is responsible for the damage or loss of any items supplied by Dips Foods. Clients are also responsibility for any damages or loss of items by other family members, guests or invitees. We will inform you within 90 days of any cost in repairing or replacing any items that Dips Foods as supplied. Payment must be made within 7 days of the notice being issued. This also includes equipment that we have hired from other companies on behalf of you or for Dips Foods use for your event.


If the items have been damaged by Dips Foods Ltd staff then we will not charged.



On-site Catering & Kitchen Service

When our kitchen service is hired, the clients are responsible for ensuring that the venue is open for access at the agreed time. We do not accept any responsibility for any delays arising that is out of our control. If the venue charges you for the extra time we take, then you agree to pay these charges and are not down to us. You are also responsible to ensure that the venue provides a fully equipped catering kitchen. If the venue does not allow the use of certain facilities then you must inform us in writing as soon as possible and we will try to arrange other facilities if time allows. If we need to bring in equipment then you will be charged for this which you need to pay in advance for as we may need to pay the suppliers that we have hired them from in advance. If we are not informed in advance that we are not allowed to use certain equipments or that some equipment are not working at the venue, we reserve the right to walk away and not supply you are services on the day as we do not want to damage our reputation and also due to food hygiene and safety reasons. We will not refund any money to the client due to them not informing us. The client must confirm all of this with the venue before pay a deposit to us.


When our team comes on-site to cater, they will have a set number of hours that they will stay. This will be discussed with the client when the Kitchen Service is hired when placing the order. We reserve the right to make additional charges for events that run beyond the time agreed upon. The minimum charge is £10 +vat per person per hour.


If the function is at home we will need a minimum number of four 6 foot tables, lots of power supply (please ask for more details) and access to all your kitchen facilities. Most of the times we do not need to use your kitchen but if we do, then our staff will clean all areas which have been used by us.


You must ensure that when our kitchen team comes on site to cater, you must provide appropriate & safe kitchen space for us to work. If unsafe or inappropriate work space, we are not responsible for any service or products that cannot be provided. It is your responsibility to ensure safe and appropriate working space is provided.


When our Kitchen Service is hired, any cooked leftover food subject to the catering staff decision on the safety of the food may be given to the clients. If the client is given the food then it is the clients who will be responsbile for it. We do not take any cooked food back with us and we will dispose of it on site.


At no point should anybody apart from our kitchen team is allowed to enter the kitchen/kitchen area. We will not accept this at all as we have insurances in place to protect our staff and it does not cover you and it will stop covering us once unauthorised personnel enters the kitchen. Even if they leave the kitchen 1 minute later, we still will not be covered. At this point you are liable for the remainder of our time spent at the venue and for any consequences therefore after. Dips Foods will not be held responsible from walking away and not supplying the products or services booked. No refund of funds will be made to the client as it is the clients responsibility to ensure all their guest does not enter the kitchen area.




All prices quoted are excluding VAT. You agree to pay VAT at the current rate at the time of making any payment at any time where applicable. VAT is normally charged on but not limited to:


1. Ice Cream

2. Delivery Charges

3. Hire of Utensils, Cutlery & Crockery

4. Onsite Cooking


The VAT rate will be Zero Rated (0%) if the food collected or delivered but is subject to the menu.



Catering Services Guarantee

When informing us of final catering numbers please make sure you include yourself, family, guest and all staff working for you on the day (e.g. musicians, DJ, waiters/serving staff, Mandap People, Decorators, Maraj, Coordinators, Photographers, venue staff, etc.). If our Kitchen Service (Dips Foods Staff who will be in the kitchen cooking) is hired then you do not need to be count Kitchen Staff in your final catering numbers as they are working for Dips Foods and not you.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you give us the correct number of guest to cater for as our menus are sold on a per person basis. We can only guarantee our services for the order that you have placed. We cannot guarantee anything outside this. The guarantee is also based on certain portions of food quantity being served to each guest. If the food is not served to this portions, then we will not be able to give you any sort of guarantee. Please ask management for more information before placing an order with us.


On the day of an event if the number of guest exceeds the number of people that we have been ordered to cater for, we reserve the right to stop serving and start clearing up. We also reserve the right to charge you for all the number of extra guest that eat on the day, which you agree to pay for. The charge for each extra guest will be the agreed plate price plus £1 extra per person + vat. If you give us incorrect information regarding anything we reserve the right to take action. If payment is not made at the time, we reserve the right to stop serving and clear up and walk away. We also reserve the right to deduct the outstanding amount for the increase of catering numbers from your deposit.


If Dips Foods Ltd reputation becomes bad because you gave us incorrect information and all guest started talking that Dips Foods ran out of food or whatever it may be, we will take legal action for damages we occur. All charges we occur will all be passed down to the client, which can include our lawyer fees, damages from the event, lost of income and more. You agree to pay for all fees.



Food Tasting

We only offer food tasting sessions for large wedding & reception functions. A maximum of 4 people are allowed to come to dofood tasting. We only offer a food tasting session once and not a second time. If you fail to turn up to your food tasting session, we will not refund you your deposit back if you did want to cancel the order with us.



Fire Extinguisher

When our catering team comes to your home premise to do catering or friend’s home, you must ensure that a fully working multipurpose fire extinguisher is available for use if needed. Other venues such as hotels or halls are not your responsibility and are the responsibility of the venue itself. But we suggest that you contact them to make sure all is in place as if something happens on the day, we will not take responsibility.


At some venues we may need to bring our own propane gas bottles and cookers. It is the client responsibility to inform all venues that we may bring these items and to insure that fire extinguishers are supplied.




You must make sure that you inform us of any allergies that you or your guest suffers from 14 days before the first event date. We will do our best to help cater for these people but it is not 100% that we can. Please inform all members who are attending that they must ask us if the food contains the product that they have allergies too. We will inform them directly. If your guest does not ask us then we do not take any responsibility at all.


Please note that we will try and supply you a food allergy information sheet which you should display where the food is being served. This information sheet is based on the normal cooking recipe for all dishes. All food dishes may contain traces of the following but is not limited to; celery, gluten, dairy, lupin, mustard, mix nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya & sulphur dioxide. This is because all food is manufactured in the same kitchen using the same equipments. If you or your guest has an allergy we strongly recommend for that person not to eat just in case if there was to ever be cross-contamination.


Please click here for a list of the main 14 main allergies.


Food Allergy Disclaimer

Please click here for information about food allergy disclaimer. Before you or your guest places an order with us or consumes out food must read this document. By placing an order or consuming our food, you agree that you have read and accepted this food allergy disclaimer.



You must make sure that you inform us of any allergies that you or your guest suffers from 14 days before the event (which includes weekends). We will do our best to help cater for these people but it is not 100% that we can. Please inform all members who are attending that they must ask us if the food contains the product that they have allergies too. We will inform them directly. If your guest does not ask us then we do not take any responsibility at all.


We aim to read and reply to your emails once a day but sometimes we may be busy and won’t be able to reply back. If the question/menu or whatever it may be is important please give us a call between the hours of 10am to 5pm. If no answer then please try again until we answer the phone. Our telephone numbers can be found in the contact us section at


Please note that any voicemails left on the telephone is not 100% guaranteed that we have listened to them and are going to take the action from what you have informed us. Only when you talk to us during our business hours we can guaranteed this.


If you order our unlimited soft drinks service, a fair usage policy applies. Please ask us for more details regarding this.


Any abuse or threatening behavior will not be tolerated at all and we reserve the right to take action. For more details regarding this please call us and also email us. Please note it is your responsibility to find out what action we can take. Please make sure you email us and we email you back. (must be done before 7 days of the event) We will not take the blame from you if you say you did not know about the actions.


All costs/deposits for venue and waste disposal services are the client’s responsibility. If we have to sign a contract and it says we have to take the rubbish back with us, please note we will not take the rubbish back. The reason why we have to sign the contact is otherwise they will not allow us in the venue. You agree to us signing the contract if this applies. Please also note that some contacts state that the caters are responsible for the cleaning of the venue, We may have to sign the contact but please note that if you do not hire waitresses to clean or if you do not clean before you leave, we at Dips Foods do not take any responsibility. If we give you our kitchen service then yes we will clean the kitchen that was used by us. Anything outside the kitchen is not down to us. You agree to us to sign the contract.


Once again we will not take any rubbish back with us due to cross contamination risks. If there are no bins available to dispose the rubbish, the client is responsible for the disposing of the rubbish.


All utensils must be washed and dried thoroughly and returned to us within 24 hours of being delivered. If you fail to do so, you may be charged for the delay starting from a minimum charge of £25 + vat per day.


If we are catering at home, please make sure you have a side gate for us to take all equipment into your garden. If we have to take the equipment via the inside of the home, we wont be held liable for any damages that may happen to your home. It will be down to the client. We will try and be carefull but once again we will not be held liable.


Sometimes Dips Foods Ltd may arrange on behalf of the client other suppliers  to work for the client. This can include but not limited to: videographers, camera people, maraj, waiters, DJ's, decorators. It is the client who is responsible to check the other suppliers quality of work/service/staus/etc. We are just helping the clients out by introduction them to the supliers that will give the client what they require. We at Dips Foods will not be held liable for their services. It is the clients reponsibility to check the terms and conditions of the other suppliers before hiring them. The client is also required to pay them direct and not Dips Foods as we have nothing to do with their money.


Clients must bring with them to the venue the following items; black bags for the rubbish, empty containers for leftover food to be taken away if allowed by the kitchen staff and extra drinking glasses.


Our terms & conditions may change on our website without notice. We recommend that you check them on a frequent basis as we assume that you have read and accepted them. We also recommend that you read our privacy policy as we assume you have accepted them as-well. The terms and conditions on our website is most up to date so we assume you have read them and not the documents we send you via post, email, fax or even printed copy.


When you book us for a function, we may need to come see the venue for ourselves. We may also need to send the venue our company documents and this will be sent to the venue via email upon request by the venue.


Please note we will be able to cancel your order due to things which our out of our own control (such as weather, etc...). Any funds paid will not be refunded, or any outstanding will be required to be paid and wont be void.


Any claims against us for whatever reason cannot be more than either:

  • The value of the order or
  • The particular thing/item in dispute

Please note the lover value from either of the two above points will be the maximum claim you can put against us.


Any food items manufactured by or on behalf of Dips Foods Ltd are manufactured in an environment that handles all allergies that you may have. Although we do our best to control cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that the food is free from any other ingredients/allergy that is started on the packaging. All retailers / distributors and anybody selling our products to the general public are required to inform their customers of this risk. The consumer eats at their own risk and will not hold Dips Foods liable for any damages or allegories that they may suffer from after consuming our products.


Please note we may not be able to reply to emails fast as we are so busy due to the issues the pandemic has caused and the after effects it has caused (including backlog). If it is urgent, come meet us face to face in the office so that we can sort your query out on the spot.


From 1st October 2023, The government has introduced single use plastic ban. Please note the plates and cutlery that we may supply, they are eco friendly or reusable plates/cutlery. The client agrees that they will disposable of the plates & cutlery in the correct bins or they agree they will wash and reuse the plates and cutlery themselves. They will not hold dips liable or responsible if the plates and cutlery are not reused or dispossessed of correctly.




Courier Service (Parcel Delivery Service)

We will not take any responsibility or liability for any damages caused by courier services when we post parcels out as per the clients order. At the time of booking clients are required to inform us that they would like protection for the parcel, which will be at an extra cost.




Dips Foods Ltd has sufficient Public Liability Insurance and will always maintain it. We advise that all food must be consumed within two hours of initial serving. Any food consumed two or more hours after first being served, is at the client’s discretion and therefore becomes their responsibility. It is your responsibility to insure that you give us appropriate serving time so that we can serve within two hours. We will then serve according to your instructions after the 2 hours are up and all responsibility is down to you and not us. When the food is either collected it is the clients responsibility to ensure the food is stored at the correct temperature.


Dips Foods shall have no responsibility or liability for failure to supply any services when prevented from doing so by strikes, traffic, accidents or any cause beyond our control, or by orders of any governmental authority.


When our Kitchen Service is hired, we will not allow anybody in the kitchen due to health and safety and liability reasons. You must and I repeat must make sure that nobody apart from the kitchen staff enters the kitchen. If any other member of guest/ family member enter the kitchen, you will be responsible for all liability and insurance for all personal in the kitchen. If there is a constant problem of guest entering the kitchen or not leaving then we will reserve the right to stop working, clear up and walk away as you have not complied with our terms and condition. We will not be held responsible.


Dips Foods Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever arising from a result of any representations, breach of contracts, late delivery of product, negligence or otherwise including but not limited to any liability for indirect or consequential loss, or loss of profits, revenue, business or goodwill except for liability of death or personal injury caused by Dips Foods Ltd negligence.


If the client or there guest supplies food on the day for our team to cook/warm/serve on the day of event. We take no liability whatsoever if we fail to do this or forget as this will be a good will of our team. If we agree to do this for you and forget to do so on the day, once again we will not be held liable as we have not charged to for this service and we are only responsable for our own food that we supply. You agree that no claims can be made against us.



Website Usage

This website contains material which is owned by us or has been given to us for our use. This includes, but is not limited to:


  • The design

  • Layout

  • Appearance

  • Graphics

  • Contents


All of our material is copyright protected. This also includes downloadable material from our website or via emails (these emails can be direct from us or from a client, family member or friend).


We reserve the right to use any images that we (Dips Foods) or from other suppliers (companies that we work alongside with) take at the event for use on our website or other documents. You must inform your entire guest about this. If you do not want us to use these images then you must inform us and we will take action within 90 days to implement these actions. Please note if you do not inform us before the event date, we may use the images for adverts. If the adverts have been printed/distributed then we will not be able to stop the use of these images.


Our website may contain links to other websites. We don't take any responsibility for the contents of the linked websites. We only provide these links for your convenience.


The images on our site for the food items may look different from the food dish itself as we may from time to time changed the way the item is cooked/looked. We will do our best to keep the images up to date.




If there was ever to be a complaint, you need to email us at within 24 hours of the event/complaint. If we receive your email after this time, your complaint will be void and no action will take place. All complaints should first be made by email to us. We will then in return contact you if we feel we need to.



Dips Foods Special Offer

Please note there is a limit of 2 items of any offer from our retail shop subject to availability at the time of purchase. Please ask in store for more information.

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